Clients seeking to buy or sell a company or seeking to raise finance will inevitably need to value their company. Orinoco offers a range of valuation services including Discounted Cash Flow forecast modelling and comparables analysis.

Too often managers are over-stretched, focussed on their product and clients and lack time and resources to analyse past performance or new opportunities. Orinoco can create the tools to assist management reporting such as profitability by segment, scenario planning, sensitivity analysis and what-if analysis.

Most businesses neglect to plan beyond 12 months. Orinoco helps clients with business planning by building a 5 years or more forecast model in line with corporate strategy and based on robust assumptions.

FINANCIAL MODELLING - minimise risk, maximise opportunity



Easy to read, key results first, logical flow.


Assumptions and  data easily changed and key outputs updated immediately.


Detailed modelling to achieve desired accuracy.


Models built around assumptions chosen for their credibility.

OUR Approach

Error Free

Error capture techniques ensure error-free models.



  • Internet
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pay-TV
  • Games
  • Telecoms
  • Engineering
  • Packaging
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Drinks

Orinoco Solutions Ltd was launched in 2008 to provide financial modelling and strategic thinking to small, medium and large clients in a range of industries who lack the resources or the objectivity to do it in-house. As a small consultancy, we provide our clients with bespoke solutions applying best practices and world class service whether the client is a small internet start-up or a multinational integrated oil company. Our aim is to help clients make key strategic decisions based on quantitative analysis. Our solutions fall into three main areas: Valuation, Planning and Analysis.

Note: We can work in any industry sector!