2005 MOVIE Global Box Office Predictor

This model was built in 2005 on behalf of a film fund with the purpose of predicting global box office receipts given the movie genre, the proposed director and lead actor, and the date of release. The model uses a Neural Network to extrapolate the box office figure for every possible permutation based on the track record of 5000 movies released in the 10 years prior to 2005. Note the model's dataset is now outdated and if you are interested in an up to date version then please contact the Orinoco Solutions team.

Wattenberg shale OIL Royalty model

The Box office prediction of a GENRE movie starring ACTOR and directed by is:

USD xxx,xxx

The seasonally Adjusted Box Office Prediction for this movie released in MONTH is:

USD xxx, xxx

This model was built in 2014. It forecasts the cash flows of shale oil royalty lease in the Wattenberg field, Colorado , USA. The model includes a type curve for shale oil.
To download the model click here.
This model was built in 2013.

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